Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They didnt call

I had an interview last Friday, and for some reason, i was pretty sure they would pick me for the job. They said they would make their decision by Monday. Well, Monday has come and gone, and I didnt get a phone call. I am kind of upset about it. Very actually. I really wanted this job, and was pretty certain about it. But, no call. Nick says to keep a positive attitude, cuz they may have just been busy. This is a job I really wanted. I am still hoping for that phone call telling me that i am the one they choose.

So anyway, Nick and I had a great weekend. Friday night he had class. Saturday we got up and he opened up a checking account. He had one, but it wasnt local. Then we came home and got ready for the day. We went to get our hair cuts, and then went to Barns and Nobles. One of our favorite hangouts. then we went to Outback for dinner. I hadnt been there for dinner in over 4 years. It was great. After dinner we went to play some pool, and of course he kicked my butt at it. I am not good at it. But its fun to try, lol.

dominic was sick last week. he missed 3 days of school. I took him to the doctor on thursday, and it turns out he had Bronchitis. and they said he has really bad winter allergies. Im am not excited about the allergy thing of course. So i have to vacuum ALOT, and wash his bedding once or twice a week, to help him be healthy. He is on Claritin for the next 4 months.

i still have to take down the rest of the Halloween stuff. I need Nick to take down one outside, i cant do it myself, our ladder sucks, and i need him to hold it for me so i dont fly off of it. Maybe it will be done before Christmas decorations get put up.

I am so tired today. I would love to just go back to bed for the rest of the day.

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BonnieW said...

Why don't you call them sweetie!? I would, that way it puts your name back in their mind, and even if they decided on someone else right now, you could be #2, so if this person doesnt work out they will call you, or thikn of you for future positions!
I'm sorry though, I know how that feels!