Friday, December 4, 2009

this and that

Life is about to get really busy!

Our new store is about to open, its the one i was hired for. well, they are figuring its gonna be busier then first thought, sooooo...........i work monday-sunday next week! That is great news for me, i need the hours... i need them bad...i love my job, its hard on my feet, so i got some good shoes today..they arent pretty, but they will do the back was starting to hurt because of the shoes i of the owners told me that he was impressed with my customer service skills, and that i am learing fast...that kind of thing is good to hear...

so, some bad news. Nick got laid off...yep thats right folks, just before christmas..we are both pretty stressed about it...I am not getting any child support, havent really since Nick has been home, and so on top of all that, we are just very stressed :( but we will get through it...its just another obstical to overcome...i was so excited cuz things were looking so great, and now im a bit overwhelmed..its so close to christmas, and now im not sure of things..

The boys will be in a parade tomorrow not sur if i will get the chance to see it...i have to work till 5, and it will take me a while to get home..Logan, Steven and dominic will be in it for boyscouts, and michael will be in it for school...He was a Star student (good kid), so he gets to be in it too...they are all pretty excited..Nick took them a few nights ago to work on the float, i had to work, so i didnt get to go, but they were pretty excited about it..

with me working, Nick and the boys dad have been taking care of the boys feels so strange passing off that responsibility..i dont really like that part of it..its really hard on me, and i think the boys are starting to feel it too...

It snowed last night, and today...we got lots of it...the boys are happy, and nick is too...they played out in it after school..they had a snowball fight...nick tried to build a snowman, but the snow wasnt packing good enough..

We got our Christmas tree up and decorated also..that was mom gave us her tree this year, so we have a bigger tree with lots of lights!

molly likes decorating too!

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Erin S. said...

Sorry to hear about Nick's job. I keep hearing how awful MI is for most job situations. It's amazing everyone keeps on keepin' on. You're in my thoughts!! <3