Saturday, February 6, 2010


I really couldnt think of a title for this, so i just put the date.  I am crafty that way :)

Things are moving foreward with the move.  We were officially approved for the apartment on Monday.  I am really excited about it.  Things have changed with the deposit though.  I am a little stressed about that, but it will all work itself out.  They dont like my credit, and honestly I dont really blame them.  It is bad.  After the wedding i will start fixing it.  Anyway, they want one months rent for the deposit, not too bad really.  The bad part is that they want us to pay 3 months rent up front.  That is pretty extreme.  Especially at this point in our lives.  But we will do it.  We have to do it.  We took the boys by there today, and showed them the apartment complex.  They are getting really excited about it.  They are especially excited that it has 2 pools and is so close to a really big park.

So the apartment becomes available the end of this month.  And they said they would hold it for us till the end of March if we need them to.  That is a bit of a relief.  It will give us extra time to come up with what we need.  i hope we can do it.

Work is going good, I worked this morning, then i have the next 2 days off.  It will be a nice little vacation.  I am learning how to clean and fix printers.  Tuesday I went with one of the guys to deliver product, and do some printer cleanings for some of our business customers.  I really enjoyed doing that.  One of the owners brought in a printer for me to start taking apart.  It will really help me to trouble shoot, and learn.  I am really looking foreward to learning all I can in this company :)

I am working a pretty full week next week.  I am really glad about it.  We need this right now.  The downside is I work on Valentines day.  But its only 5 hours of the day, so not too bad.  I like being there.

We havent found anyone to take the animals yet.  We have been offered a home for the outside kitty, and we might take that one up on the offer.  I think he will be well taken care of there.  We have decided we arent keeping any of them.  We were gonna keep the youngest, but i have family that cant really come over because of the cats, so we decided it was best to let them go.  It will be strange not having any animals, and i am going to miss them.  It will be sort of cleansing for us.  A complete new start.

I am not real excited about the boys going to kalamazoo public schools.  Not that i have anything against the school district.  They just arent use to such a big school.  I am afraid that with Michael being autistic, and Logan having trouble with learning, that it will be too much for them.  So we have an appointment to visit a charter school.  it will be a smaller, more controlled environment.  I really think that is important for them.

I have my final dress fitting in 3 weeks.  No more major alterations.  I am getting really excited about it all.  Its hard to believe i will be a married woman in less that 6 months.  i cant wait for it.  I am very lucky to have found "the one".  he is such a wonderful man.  I could go on about that all day, but my mushiness might gross  you out!

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elo there! mrs. tara and mr. nick!
i think your enjoying the spirit of being in the family!
and you inspired me lol :P
nice written, you got my attention even though im new here in blog :P
hope you continue writing hehe
i love you blog 101%. lol...

if you have time visit me ^^

Ill do gonna put you on my bloglist and of course ill follow you. so i can read more about you and keep in touch with you :P
hope you have to help me because i'm new in blogger :P jeez :P
Let us be friends? Thank you :p
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