Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 days and coutning down!

We move in 17 days!!!  I am getting so excited!  i cant believe its so close to moving day.  wow.  Nicks dad rented a Uhaul for us that day, so we wont have to make 20 trips back into Bangor to load more up.  we can just take everything at once :)  We got tons of packing done last weekend.  And more since then.  I am trying hard to really sort through stuff so that our new place isnt so cluttered. 

We sign our lease on the 18th o 19th.  So that Saturday we can start first thing in the morning!  wooohooooooo

I still havent found a home for Hannah yet.  I am getting frustrated by it.  She is a great cat, but I cant take her with.

Work is going great.  i get a good amount of hours.  i still dont like being away from the kids so much, but in the end it will all pay off.  And they deal with it well.  this is the last day their dad will be babysitting them while i work.  I am happy about that.  He is pulling some crap that i dont approve of.  He decided to talk to the boys about them staying with him till the end of the school year, instead of bringing it up with me first.  My answer stil would have been No.  I called him because i was mad he did that, and he said "i told them you would say no" and then hung up on me.  Then when i went to pick the boys up last night after work, he disappeared so he didnt have to confront me.  I am tired of the child like behavior.  And he dosnt need to confuse the kids that way.  ugh..I am so glad to be getting out of bangor :)  I wont be near him anymore.

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