Monday, March 15, 2010

4 days and a wake up :)

Thats how long it is untill we move.  We have been packing like crazy, and getting the kids prepared.  We have lots of people coming to help us on Saturday, so i think it will go smoothly.  hopefully fast too.   I cant believe its so soon, but yet, i cant wait for this week to be over. I dont want to be in this house anymore.  i am ready to move on.

I got the results of logans latest EEG, and it came back completely normal.  no seizure activity at all has shown up.  so now we have to figure out what is going on with him.  he is failing at school, and i dont know what more i can do.  we always do homework with him. he dosnt miss alot of school.  i just dont know

i got the boys school papers to help with the transfer process.  they are getting really excited about the move. they have been "helping" me pack.  they did well with their rooms. 

there is going to be alot of last minute stuff to do. Nick and i packed all day today, we got alot done, but there is alot more to go. and i work the next 3 nights, so not as much is going to get done.

i will update more after the move, right now my mind is just spinning and i cant think of everything i want to put

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