Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today Nick started a new job.  And although its something he isnt really all that intersted in, it is the kid of job that he can have till he finds something with better pay, and in his line of work.  He gets out of work pretty early...that will be really nice in the summer.

I took the boys to sign up for school.  The principal was extrememly nice.  They got to tour the school,and meet all their teachers.  I really think they are gonna love it.  the hours of school are 1 hour later then where they were going, so they wont have to get up so dang early.  the school talked about how much they push reading, writing, and math.  I think that is so important.  the boys are so behind in their reading, and its very frustrating.  They were never held responsible for not doing their homework, or anything like that at the other school.  Logan cant read well, and maybe he wont ever, but that dosnt mean they should give up on him.

Nick and I are gonna lay out a schedule for them, so they have some reading time every night.  i think that is really important.

we arent done unpacking yet.  we still have lots to do.  mostly kitchen and clothes, but also some other odds and ends that we arent sure what to do with.  we may just have to freecycle them, or take them to goodwill.  we just dont have enough storage space to have a bunch of stuff we hardly ever use.  nick and his brother went yesterday and picked up the last of our stuff at the house.  he forgot to check the mail though, so im gonna have to make a trip back there to do that. 

I havent heard from the boys dad since we moved, or his girlfriend.  i usually get a text or call every few days.  its nice not to hear from them.  i have to set up how transportation for visitation is going to work.  people keep telling me to make him come get them, but i dont expect h im to do all the driving, unless he makes it an issue.  i will meet him halfway, but if i have to wait more then 15 minutes past the time he is suppose to be there, then i will go home and he can bring them all the way home.  i am not playing that game anymore.  i have more important things to do with my time then always be waiting for him.  so thats how its gonna be..

i find now that im not living in a house he has control over that i feel more free..and i can make some rules of my own, and not be afraid of him not paying the house payment.  i dont count on his child support anymore, because he barely ever pays it, so when he does, it is like a bonus.  we are doing it without his help.  it makes me mad, but what can i do.  i can just wait till he has to go to court and they tell him to pay up.  its frustrating, because the boys deserve better then that.  all i can do is do whats best for them.  and i have been doing that.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you're making headway toward a goal. I think the very last line of your entry is so healthy. I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress as you unpack and get more comfy. Congrats on this new life! :)

Rebecca said...

congrats on the new house! i hope the boys enjoy the new school. wedding day is coming up, right?!