Monday, March 22, 2010

We have moved!

YES! Moving day has come and gone, and we are settled into our new place.  I am loving it.  we havent done alot of exploring of the neighborhood yet, but we are thrilled with this place.

We moved on Saturday, we had tons of help, and I am so grateful for that.  All of nicks family showed to help us move, and Mark and Bambi came and helped. My mom came to the apartment early and started dinner for us! It was a great day.  We started out at 8am, had the truck loaded and were on the road by 11:30.  We totally rocked this  We had the truck unloaded by 2pm.  It was amazing day, with lots of wonderful people.  They worked so hard that day.  I cant even begin to show enough gratitude for it all.

The difference in this is already noticable..Our allergies were really bad before, and now we wake up, and no coughing or weezing, or sick feeling.  there was so much dust and mold at the house that we were all really unhealthy.  Dominic was the worst, and he is fine now.  In just the few short days that we have been here his health has improved.

We basically have unlimited hot water!  before we could do one shower, then have to wait several hours to another.  and with 6 of us, that didnt work so well.  This place is bigger then our house was, so it dosnt feel so cluttered.  there is definitely more organization.

The boys are pretty happy about it.  The only thing so far that is an issue is the ability to go outside when they want.  to just walk out the door and ride bikes, or play in the back yard.  but once they get use to the complex they will be able to have a little more freedom

I enroll them in school on Wednesday.  i took them to the school playground today.  they loved it.  I talked to the principal today.  and we set up a time on wednesday to fill out paperwork, and tour the school.  i really think they will like it.  I think there will be alot more opportunity for us here.

we have to go back this week and get the rest of our stuff.  we got most of it, but there was a few random things that wouldnt fit anywhere, and we need to get those.  The tv for the playroom is there, and the boys are going

Nick has orientation at his new job tomorrow.  I am pretty excited that he got a job.  it isnthis dream, but that will come.  it is just gonna take some time.

I feel like this is a whole new start for all of us.  Nick didnt want to live in Bangor, and i didnt really either.  I dont live in a house that molds, and dust comes up from the crawlspace.  The kids have more opportunities.  And i am not under the heavy hand of my ex husband.  he has no say in what happens to this place.  it is mine and Nicks.  Not his.  It is such a free feeling.  Something we really needed.  a chance for us to start new.

I go back to work tomorrow.  it will be strange not having to drive all the way back to bangor after work.  i am gonna love it so much.  it only took Nick 45 minutes to get to school tonight.  that is awsome too.  he was pretty excited about that too.

im off to do more unpacking.  I still have a bunch to do.

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Simply Dee said...

never easy to move, bust out that huge list and know that it will all be easier soon