Tuesday, April 27, 2010

59 days

Life is great.  There are so many things going on right now, it seems like we are always so busy. It will be nice when we can have things slow down just a little bit.

So things are coming along for the wedding.  I had every intention of keeping a seperate blog for that, but i just didnt have the time to set it all up.  Invitations are in the process of being addressed, and stamped.  I picked up my dress the other day.  That is all done, it just has to be steamed 2 weeks before the wedding.  Bambis dress is done.  Ramiah's will be..

The apartment is coming along.  There is so much to do to keep it looking nice, that i havent had a chance to unpack anything more.  We got a grill.  we couldnt use the old one because we cant use charcoal on the deck.  its still sitting in its box in the living room because neither one of us has had the time to put it together.

The boys are liking it more and more here.  they are making friends, and are doing good in school.  they like that at any time they can go outside, and there is someone to play with.  i think socially it is so very good for them.

work is going good.  I just went through a printer services training.  So soon i can be certified in that.  I have lots of hours next month because one of our girls is going to Ireland.  So we are splitting  her hours up.  It works out perfect, i get extra hours the month before the wedding.  I needed that.

Nick isnt really liking his job all that much.  But he isnt looking for anything different, so it must not be too bad..lol...he dont hate it as far as i know, but not in love with it either.

We dont get to spend much time as a family these days.  its frustrating at times, but its all about working towards a good future.  Providing consistency for these boys.

 I wouldnt be so stressed about it, if we would just get some damn child support.  but im not sure when that will happen.  I am getting irritated about it.  it would be different if he would pay 100 bucks here or there, but nothing..absolutely nothing.  until the courts tell him he has to.  he goes to court next month.  i dont know how he can be so far behind, and hardly ever go to court.  but whatever.  that time will come where i get that money, or he sits in jail.  not that i want that to happen.

I love being in the city.  it suits me well.  i love being closer to things, and having access to so many different places,without having to drive a half hour to get there.  I dont miss bangor at all.  I miss some of the people, but not that town.  i never really belonged, or fit in there.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a few things

I am sitting here at work with not much of anything to do.  Its a Sunday, and often like this, so i figured i would update :)

School went good for the boys last week.  They have less complaints about it all.  I think they are just finally getting use to it, and not so freaked out about a new place.  They have parent/teacher conferences next week, but i work that day, so i wont be able to go.  the are already suggesting summer school for Steven, and i am sure the rest will follow.  i am not surprised.  they are behind the other kids.  but thats ok, i see nothing wrong with summer school.  in fact, i think its good for them.

they seem to be adjusting well to apartment living.  They like the fact that no matter when they go outside, there is always someone other then each other to play with.  i am happy about that.  They act happier then they were before.  its so hard to explain.

i will be starting some training next week to get a certification.  i am really excited about this.  Its a printer services certification, and will be good for me.  i am nervous because my memory sucks. but i think i will do ok.

Our wedding invitations came in last week...they look wonderful..one step closer to the day.  We also found a place, well chris and randy did, for the rehersal dinner.  i have been trying to coordinate days to meet with the person doing our cake, but it seems almost impossible.  I pick up my dress on Friday, and the girls already have theirs.  my mom and gma got their clothes for the day all  hemmed up and ready to go.

the boys went to their aunt jennifers on friday night, for their cousins birthday party.  they were pretty excited about it, they hardly ever get to see them.  she brought them home, and i got to see her oldest son.  I cant believe how big he is.  i think he is taller then me.  Its sad sometimes, these people that were once my family, i never get to be near them.  not the adults, but the kids.  i miss the kids.  the ones i called nephews.  its hard not being that to them anymore.  But thats what happens in divorce.

i let go of something today.  When nick first deployed, i joined an online support forum to help me get through it.  the women are wonderful, and the friendships i have made are amazing.  recently that all changed, and i just had to let it go.  not for good im sure, but for now, at least.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Bad blogger...yeah thats me.  i cant seem to find the time to keep this thing as updated as I use to.  So, WOW! I just noticed I have 42 people following my blog!  Thats wonderful.  I love to write, so if you love to read, come on over and read about my life.  I dont really post anything too interesting, i kinda use this as my journal.  But I am glad to have people that want to read about me.

Today I took the enrollment packets to the boys new school.  Thats right folks, they are changing schools!  They got accepted into a charter academy, and i am so grateful for that.  More discipline, and my oldest who is autistic dosnt have to go to the public middle school here, and that makes me very happy.  I dont see anything wrong with the schools here, in fact they are farther along then the one they came from.  But i dont think my boys are ready for such big schools. 

The kids are adjusting to the move well.  We had an issue that is hopefully taken care of .  When they go to their dads  house every other weekend, it seems all they do is tell him the negative stuff, and of course he is concerned.  well, there isnt all that much negative stuff going on, but every little thing they arent use to becomes this huge issue..  yes, my boys are drama queens.   but i think they dont want to make daddy feel bad that they might actually like it.  I dont know.  either that, or they are playing us against each other.

Logan told his grandma F. that he went to the hospital for testing, and that they found something on his brain that they need to cut off.  first, he went in for an EEG, to see if there was any seizure activity.  there is not :) and they found nothing else either.  That child is my story teller..ugh.

So, D still hasnt payed any child support.  I am getting so tired of him acting like he is king of my world, and he does this crap.  We are living ok at this point because we paid the rent 3 months ahead, but what will happen when thats done and over.  I dont make alot, and neither does Nick.  So what then.. He has to go back to court because of back pay, and I wonder what they will do this time.  Let him pay a small amount, and wait another 5 months to see anything else? COME ON! he can buy pop, and games, and movies, and all that other stuff, but he cant even put 50 bucks towards his kids support? since when is it ok to do that?

anyway, work is picking up, so things are a little busier.  The owners just hired an outside sales person, so maybe i will have some quotes to work on soon.  They are also looking into getting me certified to fix printers.  its an online class, then a test, and if i pass i am certified.  i am kind of nervous about it because i am not a good test taker.  I worked at the other store 1  night last week, and it was so great to be busy almost the whole time i was there.  I work during the day on Wednesdays now too.. So its nice I am home 3 nights out of the week to cook dinner for the boys :)

I really love our new place.  I dont have alot to complain about when it comes to that.  there are a few things i would change, but other then that, its great living so close to town.  I dont like dragging my groceries up to the 3rd floor..lol...omg, thats a trip.  especially for a family of 6!  but i love the fact that i can open the windows and there is most likely a breeze that will flow through the apartment because we are up higher.  Oh, and ilove having a hot shower whenver i want! that is sooo great!  i got alot of unpacking and cleaning done yesterday.  basically i worked my butt off!  the main bathroom looks amazing, and the living room looks great.

Nick bought the boys some bunk beds, so their rooms seem alot less crowded then they did before.  they have been pretty good about keeping the play room clean.  yesterday we went and fed the ducks at the park.  That is always fun.  I love the big park we have close to us.

I get new glasses next week! I am so excited.  i have had the same glasses for almost 7 years.  i will be able to see again, and will have an updated set of frames.  mine are pretty oldschool compared to the new styles they have out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

first day in new school

The first day of the boys new school went well.  I took them in the morning, and they rode the bus home.  Steven and Logan were exited, Michael and Dominic were a little more nervous.  They seemed to really like their teachers, and they loved the bus ride home.  They are on the first stop, so they dont have to sit on the bus for too long.  They had homework today.  I think they may struggle a bit.  Logan said they are way ahead in math then what he was doing in Bangor.  I am a little worried about that kind of stuff.  I knew they were behind, but i didnt know how much.  Logan struggles pretty bad with reading, and now he is doing spelling words that a way more advanced then he is use to.  We are going to have to work extra hard on his reading, and writing.  Michael didnt have too much to say.  He talked about about his science teacher, so he must like him.  I really hope they have summer school here.  I think the boys need it to catch up, and it will be good to keep them busy this summer.

Things are coming along in the apartment.  I finally was able to take some time and unpack more of our bedroom.  The unpacking seems to be taking so long.  Im tired of seeing the boxes.  But mostly tired of not having anything where it should be.  We have both been working, and dealing with other stuff.  So it just isnt happening as fast as we would like.  I think maybe we need to get rid of some more things.  I dont want to, but i think it is needed.  Or we just need to get things organized.  We have a lot of blankets, too many.  But i hate to get rid of them, because it seems like each one of them means something, and im not sure I am willing to give them up.  Maybe if someone needed them I might feel better about it.

Work is going well for me.  I am still really loving this job.  My bosses make me feel like what I am doing is important to them, and its rare that you find a job like that.  I get along well with my coworkers, and that helps alot.  I am learning alot more too.  Soon i will be learning about how to drum up more business.  It will get me outside the store this summer, and i will like that.  I am still kind of nervous about it, but I think after the first couple of times I will be ok with it.  I will be getting some daytime hours once a week for this month, and also working at the other store a little.  It is busier there, so I will get some more experience.  It is important to me that I know my job well, so I will be grateful for the busier times.

We got our wedding invitations ordered on Friday.  One step closer to wedding day!!!!