Tuesday, April 27, 2010

59 days

Life is great.  There are so many things going on right now, it seems like we are always so busy. It will be nice when we can have things slow down just a little bit.

So things are coming along for the wedding.  I had every intention of keeping a seperate blog for that, but i just didnt have the time to set it all up.  Invitations are in the process of being addressed, and stamped.  I picked up my dress the other day.  That is all done, it just has to be steamed 2 weeks before the wedding.  Bambis dress is done.  Ramiah's will be..

The apartment is coming along.  There is so much to do to keep it looking nice, that i havent had a chance to unpack anything more.  We got a grill.  we couldnt use the old one because we cant use charcoal on the deck.  its still sitting in its box in the living room because neither one of us has had the time to put it together.

The boys are liking it more and more here.  they are making friends, and are doing good in school.  they like that at any time they can go outside, and there is someone to play with.  i think socially it is so very good for them.

work is going good.  I just went through a printer services training.  So soon i can be certified in that.  I have lots of hours next month because one of our girls is going to Ireland.  So we are splitting  her hours up.  It works out perfect, i get extra hours the month before the wedding.  I needed that.

Nick isnt really liking his job all that much.  But he isnt looking for anything different, so it must not be too bad..lol...he dont hate it as far as i know, but not in love with it either.

We dont get to spend much time as a family these days.  its frustrating at times, but its all about working towards a good future.  Providing consistency for these boys.

 I wouldnt be so stressed about it, if we would just get some damn child support.  but im not sure when that will happen.  I am getting irritated about it.  it would be different if he would pay 100 bucks here or there, but nothing..absolutely nothing.  until the courts tell him he has to.  he goes to court next month.  i dont know how he can be so far behind, and hardly ever go to court.  but whatever.  that time will come where i get that money, or he sits in jail.  not that i want that to happen.

I love being in the city.  it suits me well.  i love being closer to things, and having access to so many different places,without having to drive a half hour to get there.  I dont miss bangor at all.  I miss some of the people, but not that town.  i never really belonged, or fit in there.

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Dez said...

So glad that everything is going well. Sounds like you are all very busy. I don't see how you couldn't be busy with 4 boys. I imagine they keep you on your toes all the time. As far as child support goes, well he will get his. I personally would love to see him get put in jail, but that is just me.
I am so glad that you have such a great partner that is so supportive of you and all the boys. Tell Nick that he is one of a kind, and that is a good thing.
Hugs to all of you.