Sunday, April 18, 2010

a few things

I am sitting here at work with not much of anything to do.  Its a Sunday, and often like this, so i figured i would update :)

School went good for the boys last week.  They have less complaints about it all.  I think they are just finally getting use to it, and not so freaked out about a new place.  They have parent/teacher conferences next week, but i work that day, so i wont be able to go.  the are already suggesting summer school for Steven, and i am sure the rest will follow.  i am not surprised.  they are behind the other kids.  but thats ok, i see nothing wrong with summer school.  in fact, i think its good for them.

they seem to be adjusting well to apartment living.  They like the fact that no matter when they go outside, there is always someone other then each other to play with.  i am happy about that.  They act happier then they were before.  its so hard to explain.

i will be starting some training next week to get a certification.  i am really excited about this.  Its a printer services certification, and will be good for me.  i am nervous because my memory sucks. but i think i will do ok.

Our wedding invitations came in last week...they look step closer to the day.  We also found a place, well chris and randy did, for the rehersal dinner.  i have been trying to coordinate days to meet with the person doing our cake, but it seems almost impossible.  I pick up my dress on Friday, and the girls already have theirs.  my mom and gma got their clothes for the day all  hemmed up and ready to go.

the boys went to their aunt jennifers on friday night, for their cousins birthday party.  they were pretty excited about it, they hardly ever get to see them.  she brought them home, and i got to see her oldest son.  I cant believe how big he is.  i think he is taller then me.  Its sad sometimes, these people that were once my family, i never get to be near them.  not the adults, but the kids.  i miss the kids.  the ones i called nephews.  its hard not being that to them anymore.  But thats what happens in divorce.

i let go of something today.  When nick first deployed, i joined an online support forum to help me get through it.  the women are wonderful, and the friendships i have made are amazing.  recently that all changed, and i just had to let it go.  not for good im sure, but for now, at least.

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