Monday, April 5, 2010

first day in new school

The first day of the boys new school went well.  I took them in the morning, and they rode the bus home.  Steven and Logan were exited, Michael and Dominic were a little more nervous.  They seemed to really like their teachers, and they loved the bus ride home.  They are on the first stop, so they dont have to sit on the bus for too long.  They had homework today.  I think they may struggle a bit.  Logan said they are way ahead in math then what he was doing in Bangor.  I am a little worried about that kind of stuff.  I knew they were behind, but i didnt know how much.  Logan struggles pretty bad with reading, and now he is doing spelling words that a way more advanced then he is use to.  We are going to have to work extra hard on his reading, and writing.  Michael didnt have too much to say.  He talked about about his science teacher, so he must like him.  I really hope they have summer school here.  I think the boys need it to catch up, and it will be good to keep them busy this summer.

Things are coming along in the apartment.  I finally was able to take some time and unpack more of our bedroom.  The unpacking seems to be taking so long.  Im tired of seeing the boxes.  But mostly tired of not having anything where it should be.  We have both been working, and dealing with other stuff.  So it just isnt happening as fast as we would like.  I think maybe we need to get rid of some more things.  I dont want to, but i think it is needed.  Or we just need to get things organized.  We have a lot of blankets, too many.  But i hate to get rid of them, because it seems like each one of them means something, and im not sure I am willing to give them up.  Maybe if someone needed them I might feel better about it.

Work is going well for me.  I am still really loving this job.  My bosses make me feel like what I am doing is important to them, and its rare that you find a job like that.  I get along well with my coworkers, and that helps alot.  I am learning alot more too.  Soon i will be learning about how to drum up more business.  It will get me outside the store this summer, and i will like that.  I am still kind of nervous about it, but I think after the first couple of times I will be ok with it.  I will be getting some daytime hours once a week for this month, and also working at the other store a little.  It is busier there, so I will get some more experience.  It is important to me that I know my job well, so I will be grateful for the busier times.

We got our wedding invitations ordered on Friday.  One step closer to wedding day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Im the opposite with blankets ... I have one for each person, 2 for the dog ... and that's it .... I get this little flannel blanket cause my honey doesn't like to share :( lol

Hope the kiddies adjust quickly!!

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