Sunday, May 16, 2010


Its a Sunday and I am sitting here at work with no customers, so I thought I would take some time to get this blog updated.  Hopefully when things settle down a bit, I will be able to keep up with it more.

It was right around a year ago that Nick came home from the Army for good.  I am so grateful that he is here.  I dont know where my life would be without him in it.  I am honestly so glad not to have to share him with the Army anymore.  I am proud of what he did, but I am glad that part of our lives is over.  3 years apart was long enough for me.

We had another Neurology appointment for logan last Monday.  He was diagnosed as ADHD.  3 years after his really bad seizure, and they are finally coming up with something.  That seizure changed something in  him, and I had known it for a long time.  So at least we can move foreward from here, and start looking into all of our options for him.

Steven and dominic are all signed up for summer school.  They need it to pass.  They are that far behind.  I am upset about it, I just dont know what to do.  I work nights, so its not like I can be there to make them study and stuff.  I have always made them do their homework, and they dont miss alot of school...So i dont know what is going on with them.  It is frustrating.

Since the move I feel like I have had no time to just be a little lazy.  It seems like we are on the go so often.  But I think its because of the wedding.   We are getting closer for sure.  The planning is draining, especially since it has turned out to be a little bigger then I planned.  We have already started to get replies back, and I think we will have a good turn out. 

Work is going good.  I just finished my certification process for printer we will see if i passed or not.  I realy hope I did.  It was a process that made me feel way under educated.  I love my job.  Things are starting to pick up here, so I dont sit idle so often.  Except Sundays.  I am not a huge fan of working nights.  But im not really complaining either.  Not too much just dont like being away from the boys this often.

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped in the planning of this wedding.  My maid of honor, and my bridesmaid have been so helpful.  and my mom and future in laws have been amazing.  So in case i forget to mention it, I appreciate it all.  I really do

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