Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have just finished a longer week at work then I am use to, and I am exhausted.  I work today, then have tomorrow off, and work the next 5 days after that.  Will make for a couple of good paychecks, thats for sure.  Good thing seems how I still need a car.  If anyone knows of one nearbye that is inexpensive, but reliable, please let me know.  I really am in desperate need of something.

Yesterday, Nick got up early and went fishing with his dad and nephew.  I think this is the first time he has gone this summer.  He had a good time.  I stayed home and just pampered myself a little, had some quiet time (too much of that lately).  After he got home, we went looking around at cars, but really didnt find anything under 3k.  That is kind of frustrating.  You use to be able to find a halfway decent car for cheap, but now you just cant.  After that, we went to a coworkers 25th anniversary party.  That was fun.  we stayed for a couple of hours, then it was time to go to our next adventure.  We went to ribfest, had some food, and watched The Verve Pipe.  It was a good show.  They did a lot of kids songs though.  Too bad the boys werent with us.  They would have enjoyed it alot.

It didnt use to bother me to go into crowds like that.  But everyone seems to think the only way they can have a good time is to get stone cold drunk, and spill their drinks all over you.  I cant even count how many times I got pushed around by some drunk dumbass.  I like a drink now and then too...but damn.

Things are really good lately.  I have been having some insecurity issues, but I am working on that.  I often feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Some new bomb that I have to deal with.  Sometimes I feel like I am holding my breath, or walking on eggshells, just to stop those kind of things from happening. 

Some friends of ours are moving today.  I am so happy for them.  They are moving out of a trailer park they hate, and into a nice neighborhood.  Nick is there helping them move today, while I am at work.  I hope I can go see there place, and maybe help do a little unpacking tonight.  We will see.  I cant wait to see it all set up.

We are thinking when our lease is up, that we will start looking for a house to rent.  We like where we are living, but top floor is hot, and carrying stuff up is a pain.  We took the apartment, because at the time we felt we had no choice.  I do love it, but by then I am pretty sure we will be ready for a house.  Hopefully when the time comes, there will be some decent ones available.

This next week is another heavy work week.  Not heavy like some of you work, but heavier then I am use to.  I love all the extra hours.  Next weekend will be busy also, as will the weekend after that.  Next weekend we have a party to go to on Saturday, after I get out of work, and then Sunday, and bday party to go to.  Lately it seems we are never home.

Well, I am off to try to find something to do.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a mash of things

I have been slacking off in my blogging for a while now.  I really enjoy doing it, but I just havent had the time it seems.  Or maybe I just didnt really have anything interesting to say.  Maybe  Anyway, things are going good.  Marriage is wonderful.  Nick is everything I could ask for, and more.  I never thought I could be this lucky in love.  But I am.  Mushy I know, but its how I feel.  Being married to him is everything I always thought marriage should be. 

The boys are doing great.  Summer school will be over in 3 days.  The twins are happy about that.  They arent liking it too much this time around, but I think its because Michael and Logan arent going.  Logan was suppose to go, but instead they put him on a waiting list.  And he was the one that needed it the most.  They will all be spending about 3 weeks with their dad this month.  I dont like the idea of them being gone so much, but he hasnt had a lot of time with them this summer, and it will be better for us financially for daycare.  I cant afford to pay a babysitter so much for the rest of summer.  And I think it will be good for them to spend some extra time with  him.  Well kind of good anyway.  If i get them back acting like a bunch of monkeys im gonna be pissed :)  And I am pretty sure that is how they will be. 

My job is going well.  I still like  I get some extra hours this month.  I need them.  My van is dying.  I cant drive it.  And the ex still wont give me the title, so it isnt even legal to drive.  Nick and I have decided to try to find me something else.  Somethng that will be in our names.  I have been having to bum rides, and borrow the work car just to get to and from work.  I hate that I have to do that.  it really does suck.  I am not sure how we will get a vehicle.  We cant get a loan, so we will have to save somehow.  Relly we just need someone to take a chance on us. 

So, Nick got a bit of a promotion at work.  Nothing huge, but it was exciting for us anyway!  He was moved to full time 30 and got a raise.  When layoffs start in the fall, he wont be one of the first to go.  And he will be one of the first to call back in the spring.  He dosnt love his job, but as far as I know, he dosnt hate it either. 

It has been so hot in the apartment.  the air goes full time, full blast, and its still hot up here at the end of the day.  Thats the biggest draw back of living on the top floor.  but it will be nice in the winter, our heating bill should be really low.  Oh, and carrying groceries up to the top floor isnt the funnest either, but I have learned that the boys are really good at  i do love living in town.  Its so much better.  things are more convenient.  If I still lived in Bangor, my van breaking down would be the end of my working.  And that would be bad.  We had a problem getting maintanance here for a while, but they took care of the situation.

Michael had his 12th bday a couple of weeks ago.  I cant believe next year I will be the mother of a teenager.  I dont feel old enough for that!  Time just flies so fast.  Logan is getting ready to turn 10, and the twins 8.  I miss them being little.  I didnt get to really enjoy them as babies, and now I look back at it all, and it makes me sad.  I would like another, but its not possible, and that is rough on me.  i have dreams all the time that I am having another one.  I am ready for babies now, and I wasnt so much before, and now its too late.

so, i need to get off here, and get a few things done before its time for me to go to work.  this week is gonna kick my ass.  Im not use to  I know I need to post some wedding pictures on here, but if you have me on facebook, then you have seen them.  I will do that as soon as I can.