Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am so irritated this morning, and I dont really know why..  Well, yes I do.  It seems like every morning all I do is nag the boys.  I feel like a broken record.  As I am sure most parents do.  But lately it seems to be worse.  They have laundry baskets right now to the dressers, but yet, there are clothes all over the floor every day.  And I find clean clothes in the dirty laundry.  I am tired of that crap.  Last night i went into the playroom, only to find it a disaster area.  There were clothes shoved in toy boxes, paper wadded up all over..I was mad as hell.  I dont know what to do to change it.  I am only here with them 2 nights a week.  I dont want to spend those 2 nights being the nagging parent all the time.  I dont get quality time with them that way.

Anyway.  I work tonight, then I have a 3 day weekend.  I love the weekends that I get to spend with the boys. It is much needed time that I dont always get with them these days.  We have some plans, and I am getting pretty excited about it.

Nick got a job.  I am pretty excited about it.  I dont know if he is or not.  He dosnt show alot of emotion, so its kinda hard to read him on that stuff sometimes.  It isnt his dream job, but it is a job that will pay some bills. 

I still have thoughts of getting a 2nd job.  Ok well I have a 2nd job, I clean a house every other week, so i guess it would be a 3rd.  I am here during the day, 4 days a week. I could be out making money those days, while the kids are in school.

I dont know if I posted or not, but the Ex finally gave me the title to the other van.  So now I need to decide what to do with it.  The apartments dont want it parked here, I have no place to store it.  I am thinking of just taking it to be junked, but its still a decent van, and I hate the idea of doing that.  Someone out there needs an inexpensive vehicle, and they are hard to find.  Maybe I should donate it.  I dont know..  All I know is i need to figure it out soon, because its parked in the in laws garage, and it cant stay there.

I have taken tons of pictures lately, and I never put them on the computer so that I can post them.  I am really bad about that. Maybe I will work on that today.  I am so far behind on pics, I think i even still have the ones from the wedding on there.  I have taken some great pics of the boys lately.

We found  a skate park that they really seem to love.  The bug all the time to go there.  I need to get them some scooters or something.  they arent good on skates, or boards.  they dont seem comfortable without a handle to hold onto.  its so strange.  i remember being so active at that age, skating, and not really getting bored that easily.  And they dont have alot of coordination, and are ALWAYS bored. 

I am in serious need of some friends.  I am not always a good friend, with 4 kids and a job I often just dont have the time.  But I am tired of not really having any.  I thought once we moved here I would have an easier time making them.  But honestly, i dont get along with most women.  They annoy the hell out of me.  Maybe I have just become an antisocial person?  I didnt think I had, but I dont know.  Most nights I would rather just be home.  I am not good at meeting new people, I get intimidated, and overwhelmed so easily.

So logan has an appointment with his doctor next tuesday.  We are transfering his case from a neurologist to his regular doc.  She had put him on meds, but I dont like giving him meds from a doctor that it takes 3 months to get into, even when there are health concerns.  So his regular doctor will be evaluating him, and we will go from there.  Is it the right move to make? I dont really know.  But we will find out.  He has no signs of seizure activity anymore, and I get the feeling we wont be seeing them again.

Michael and logan both have eye appointments.  I am pretty sure Michaels sight is fine.  But at the last well child check up, Logan failed the eye exam almost completely.  So glasses it is for him again im sure.  He had some before to correct tired eyes, but they said his sight was fine.  It dosnt seem to be that way anymore.  Its something he will learn to live with.

So, I am off to drink my coffee, and do my laundry...Have a good day blogger world

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