Sunday, December 12, 2010

The weather has been busy

These last couple of days the snow has really let us know that winter is upon us. We had a really mild warm Fall season, and now we have jumped right into the cold and snow. The kids are really excited. I think it is beautiful, but no fun to drive in . Not in my van anyway.

I had to go to my mom's house Sunday after work to check on her cats, because her and my grandma are on vacation. The whole way there and back was 20mph. the highway was so full of ice if you went faster than that, you were in a ditch. I seen so many accidents on my way, by the time I got back here I was balling my eyes out. There were so many people in the ditches, and cars and trucks upside down. The most disturbing was the horse trailer on its side with horses in it. I freaked out. The drive up there today wasn't as bad, thank goodness.

The boys have their first music concert since we moved to Kalamazoo. They are excited. It is tonight, in half an hour. Guess where I am? Work. I don't get to see it. I am so disappointed. I feel horrible about not being able to go, but I didn't even know about it till last week, so there was no way for me to put in for the night off. These are the times I really don't like working at night. I miss everything now. I feel like I am doing something totally wrong as a parent, by not being there. I love my job, I just don't like being here at night. Those are the things I should not have to give up.

Anyway, I still only have 1 box packed. I am hoping to do some tomorrow night. We will see if it gets done or not. I need some motivation. I know moving into a home that is big enough for us all should be motivation enough, but so far I keep saying I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and I get no more packing done.

Time to get back to work J

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