Sunday, March 27, 2011

The end of March already?

Where did this month go?  It is insane that it is already close to an end.  It really has just flown by.  I cant believe we are getting ready to enter the fourth month.  Life seems to just pass by lately.

Things have been crazy, as

I got some extra hours at work, 2 days a week I am working split shifts.  Along with that I have some new responsibilites.  I now make the calls to our business customers that havent been in for a while.  I call to see if they need to order, and that kind of thing.  So far it has been pretty sucessful.  I didnt think I would like it, but I do ok with it.  First couple of calls were really scary.   It has taken me out of my comfort zone, but I am ok with it all.  The new hours wear me out a bit, and the house suffers more then I would like, but its not dirty.  It will even out once I get use to the extra time away from home.

I have been so emotional lately.  Sometimes it seems like life is just too good to be true.  I just always have this dread of the negatives coming into our lives.  I am always thinking that one day it will all fall out from under me again.  I am so lucky in life.  I have 4 amazing boys, and I got a 2nd chance at love.  He makes me so happy, you just have no idea.  I guess I just need to be confident that this happiness will last.  Given my past, sometimes its really hard.  I put so much on him when he came home, kids, bills, and other things.  I am really afraid that one day that will all be too much.  Anyway, those are my personal feelings that I am putting out there...It takes alot for me to do that.

Michael has a doctors appointment on Tuesday.  He has been having headaches tht make him dizzy, and sick to his stomach.  He also says that he gets spots in his eyes when he gets them.  So I made him an appointment.  I hope its something very simple.  I am a little nervous.  I just want him to be ok.  He has always been the healthy one, even with the Aspergers.

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