Tuesday, April 19, 2011


No snazzy title for this one.  Its mostly just a mash up of things.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy.  Sometimes it seems like we move nonstop, sometimes I just really need some downtime.  But, its getting to be that time of  year, when life gets busy, and moves very fast.  Time to put on my running shoes if I want to keep up.

The boys spent Spring break with their dad.  They had a good time.  When they came home, I was not impressed.  As a mother, I am responsible for keeping my children clean and healthy, among lots of other things.  I was grossed out by the way they came back to me.  On the drive home, I had to drive with the window cracked.  The whole time they were there, they hadn't had a bath or shower.  YUCK!  A whole week.  Then come to find out, one of the twins had the same socks on that he had gone over there with, because daddy couldn't find any socks for him to wear.  What the hell!?  Michael is a preteen with greasy hair, what makes it OK to not make sure he gets a shower? really..gross....

I received notice a few weeks ago about a hearing for the Friend of the Court.  "D" is trying to get child support lowered.  So, I gathered all my information, and my mom went with me.  I am glad she was there because I was a nervous wreck.  Not about it getting lowered, but about being put on the spot by the referee.  Well, I don't know how it went yet, because we haven't been notified of it yet.  It is suppose to come in the mail, hopefully soon.  The referee wasn't really all that nice to "D", but he went in really unprepared, and the referee asked all the hard questions that he didn't have the right answers to.  He is trying to claim to have been disabled for a short time, but didn't have the paperwork to back it.  I just hope that if it gets lowered, he will actually pay it.  We can hope anyway.

My coworker was gone last week, so I took all of the daytime hours.  I really enjoyed being home every night with the boys.  It felt so perfect.  The way life is suppose to be.  I enjoy my job so much, and my bosses are really great.  That is something that hasn't changed in the year and a half I have been there.  They just hired a 2nd sales person, so I have a feeling things are about to get crazy around there. 

I have been working split shifts on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  I work 3 hours in the mornings, and then 4 hours at night.  It seems to work out OK.  And it gives me an extra 6 hours a week, something I need at this point.

I am in need of a newer vehicle.  The one I have is doing OK, but it guzzles gas, and with prices they way they are, its getting really expensive.  Plus, it just doesn't feel very safe to me.  We are saving up as much as we can, sometimes it feels like it just doesn't add up as fast as it should.

So, my mom and gma are in the planning stages for the big move out to Arizona.  I would like to think it isn't going to happen, but I have a feeling this time it really will.  They aren't happy in Michigan.  So I will do my best to help them weed through the stuff they don't want to take, and get things situated for them, so that when they do move, it will be less stressful.  Its really all I can do.  They will be happier, and healthier there.  the cold is just too much for them to handle. 

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