Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day.  Im never really sure how I feel about this day, it varies from year to year.  This year, I am excited about it. Nick is such an amazing step dad, and has taken on a huge responsibility coming into this family.  The boys and I celebrated a day early with Nick, part of the day anyway, he went fishing.  We made a big breakfast, then he went golfing, and then we did a little shopping for him, and sat by the pool.  It was a good day.  The kids love having him as a stepdad.

The boys will be going to there dads tonight, and Michael was upset about how that is working out.  He asked what time dad was picking them up..I told them between 5 and 6, and he said "so he dosnt want to spend Father's Day with us?"  I didnt know what to tell him really.  So I told him the truth.  That he had the option of taking them as early in the day as he wanted, and this was his choice.  I also told him that it was ok to let his dad know how it makes him feel.  He turns 13 soon, I dont feel the need to sugar coat it anymore.  He dosnt know most details, but there are some like that he is starting to notice on his own.  Theyre dad is going to need to take that kind of thing into account now. When he does this, the kids notice.  They wanted to spend the day with him, he chose something else.

This last week was a rough one.  I was still trying to heal from my jaw problems, and it left me exhausted. The house was a horrible mess from me not feeling well, so I have that to catch up on. I have come close to catching up on the laundry...I think.  The boys wont be there next week, so I will get it all done then.  I need to find a dentist that will help me.  I cant handle being so uncomfortable anymore. 

My jewelry making is coming along nicely.  I am trying to get more creative, but I am always so afraid to spend the extra money on some of th nicer beads, for fear that no one will buy the more expensive items.  I really want to branch out and do more.  I still havent tried bracelets yet.  I would like to maybe try to make one tonight.  We will see.  I always have lots of ideas in my head, but they dont always translate well when I am trying to put them together.

I am trying hard to get enough made to do a booth at the flea market, but I keep selling them.  Not that it is a bad goal is to do that this summer though.

Steven got into some poison ivy a couple of days ago.  Poor little guy is miserable.  He barely slept last night.  He has been really good about not scratching at it, so hopefully we can keep it under control this time.  He dosnt fight it off well, so usually it lands us in the ER, and him on steroids to get rid of it. 

I have been reading alot more again recently.  We have a back porch, and I love to sit out there and read.  Its screened in, so the bugs leave us alone.  It is one of the best ways to relax at the end of the day.  I just finished reading the Bride Quartet by Danielle  Steele.  It was a great series.  Now I am reading the Hunger Games on my NOOK.  I love that thing.  It saves on shelf space.  I know, I could go to the library, but I hate giving them

At the end of this month, begining of next, I will be in charge of the Portage store.  I am not really nervous about it, except that I am afraid of disappointing the customers if it is so busy that we cant deliver.  I know I will do ok, I dont want to disappoint my bosses.  They are putting alot of faith in me by leaving me with such a task.  I hope I do as well as they think I will.  It is a huge responsibility to take on.

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