Monday, August 8, 2011

A few things

We had Michaels Bday party. Well it was Michael and Whispers party at the same time. It was amazing. We had a really good turn out, and I am so happy for them that so many people showed up. It was important to them that lots of people be there. Good food, good friends, good family time. Just wonderful!

So, we made sure to invite the ex husband, and his family, because we thought it was important for them to be there that day. NONE of them showed up. I was a little mad about it, but I guess it was to be expected. We got a text message from his dad the day after the party, wanting to know what time it was set for. I told him yesterday. And of course he acted like he had no idea. Typical "D" type thing to do. Not surprised at all. Michael was a little upset that they didnt come. But we made his day wonderful anyway. Michael told me yesterday that he hasnt recieved anything from his father for his birthday yet. That makes me a little mad. It is is big TEEN birthday, something he was very excited about, and he couldnt acknowledge it with a gift. There are so many times I just want to smack him upside the head and say "get a clue"!

So this blog entry may just turn into a bitch fest, because honestly, thats my mood. Might want to stop reading here if swear words make your eyes hurt. Just a warning, might not even swear, who knows :)

Financially right now we are drowning. Not as bad as it could be, but not good enough to make us comfortable. It sucks waiting for money, when you never know exactly when it might come. "D" owes over 15 thousand in child support. Alot huh? I could give you the exact amount, but I dont feel like looking it up. It is pathetic really. He had it lowered to 1/4 of what he was paying before, and still isnt making regular payments. I dont understand parents, male or female, who dont support there children in some way. Nick spent over $600 total on school stuff for the kids last year, and their dad didnt offer a dime of help. I can remember when he use to nag on a friend of ours for not paying when he should, but now that the shoe is on his foot, he has lots of excuses. I try so hard not to speak ill of him most of the time, but sometimes I just have to let it out, and what better way to do it with a bunch of people that dont know him. Instead of paying child support, he has a bunch of people living with him that arent even related. His girlfriends family I guess. Its what the boys have told me anyway. They said its just too crowded there. I am not surprised, but I wish he would stop dragging people into the boys life who arent gonna stay there. He just needs to grow up, and stop pretending the world only revolves around his wants and needs.

Speaking of parents. How does one just walk out on there child, or children, and then play the victim? I dont understand it, and probaby never will. People drag their children into there drama, when what they should really be doing is pulling on their big girl/boy panties, and deal with it. Keep that shit out of your childrens lives. They dont deserve to be treated that way, they deserve to be sheltered, and kept in innocence as long as possible.

And what is it with people complaining that their children wont listen to them. MAKE THEM! Really, thats what I have to say about it. I dont care how willfull a child is, your the parent.

I am one of those people who dosnt understand addiction. In fact, I dont have alot of sympathy for it at all. I wish I could say I did, but I dont. We all make choices in this life, stop making excuses, and just deal with it. Things happen to us that we want to hide from, but do you not understand that hiding from them dosnt heal them? Ive been through my share of nightmares, addiction runs strong in my family...But I have children, so I chose to end the cycle with my generation. As far as I am concerned, its just that easy. Go to your meetings, stay strong, because those you love feel it too. Send me hate mail if you like, but I choose to put my family above anything that might numb what I feel. They deserve that much.

OK, on with other things..

School starts soon. I am glad for it, I think the boys not being home half the summer sucks. And I think they need to be around other kids. I cant ever put them in summer programs because they go to their dads every other week. So they miss out on that interaction in the summer. I dont think its fair to them. Speaking of school...I have no idea how we will afford school supplies this year. I know we will make due, but its just really scary. I dont want to be in this position anymore.

I have looked for a 2nd job, but really cant find anything that will work with my current job. I am not willing to give up this job. It is just too amazing, and I love it. Babysitting is out of the question unless I watch family members. Child care laws are just too strict with that stuff. I will be getting 6 extra hours every week near the end of the month. That will help alot.

So, Nick is out right now helping his buddy move. The guys girlfriend is causing drama, and the cops were just called. What a bunch of stupid bullshit :)

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