Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching up

I get so many ideas on what I want to write when I dont have the ability to get on here and post, and then when I do, none of it comes to mind.  That is seriously, im gonna start carrying around a notebook to write my thoughts out in, so that when I have the time to blog, I will remember what I wanted to say.

The first month of school for the boys is almost up.  For the most part things are going well.  Steven is getting all A's.  Michael is getting a pass in all his classes so far (they grade him differently).  Dominic is doing A work in all of his classwork, except language arts.  Logan....what do I even say about that.  We got progress reports last Friday.  In 14 days of school, he has not turned in 8 assignments.  Unacceptable...Needless to say, he is grounded for a bit.  The teacher was nice enough to give him another copy of all his missing work.  The work he does turn in gets good grades. 

Work for me is going really well.  It has its ups and downs of course, but I love my job.  I know I probably post that in every blog I post, but it is the truth.  My bosses are amazing.  They have given me daytime hours on Monday now.  Its nice having the extra day on my paycheck.  I would like to keep moving up in ranks there, but it has been slow (not complaining).  I am just use to moving up fast in my jobs.  Its always been like that for me.  But this is a smaller company, a more personal one, and I am happy with that.  Most days I am there give me a great sense of accomplishment.  Its just an all around great place to be.  I work nights 2 days a week, and that part is still hard on me, but it works out ok.

Nicks job is going OK.  He isnt real excited about it.  I wish there was something available close to home that makes him feel excited about going to work every day.  I dont like feeling like he is making such an unhappy sacrifice for us.  He does it for us, I know he does. 

So, the last week the boys spent with their dad over the summer was not the greatest thing.  They came home with heads full of lice.  They all had long hair, and I had to give them buzz cuts.  If they had been brought home earlier that day, I might have been able to get it all out, but it was late at night, and I had to go to the store to get shampoo for it.  Even buzzing it all off, and shampooing we still didnt get to bed until 3am.  I was so mad.  Logan cried when I cut his hair.  His was so cute. 

I am having a really hard time keeping up with the house.  That extra day Im not home really hurts the housework.  I dont really care though.  Its not dirty, its just cluttered..I worked on the living room today before work, got most of that done.  Tomorrow I focus on the kitchen.  It needs alot of work..

My facebook page for my jewelry is coming along nicely.  I dont have too much time to work on stuff lately, but some day I will get more made.  I really enjoy making jewelry.  I thought I would never find something I really enjoyed, and could make money off of, but I did.  I only wish I had money to put into it to really get it started, but that will come in time.

Nick has decided that school is not his thing right now.  He is taking a break.  Thats really all I have to say on that subject.

I cant believe it is the end of September already.  Where has the time gone!?  We are planning our Halloween party.  Nicks favorite holiday.  It will be a good time.

So, this might sound a little crazy but, I have seen a ton of trains lately.  I know it isnt significant to you, but its huge for me.  My grandfather was crazy about trains.  He loved them.  The last 2 weeks I have been stopped by them at intersections several times, and I hardly ever seem them around here.  I just cant help bout feel like that is my grandpa saying hello, and telling me to slow down and enjoy life.  It is just a feeling I get.