Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just an update

So, we had our Halloween party, and it went off without a hitch (for the most part). We worked hard at decorating, spent money we couldnt really afford to spend, and the party ended by 9:30pm. That is seriously the earliest end to a party we have ever had. I have to say, next year, someone else will spend the time and money it takes to throw it, because I wont do it again anytime soon. The costumes were great, and a good time was had, but we were not just a stopping point to get your drink on. Financially we shouldnt have had it, but we did it because we didnt want to let anyone down, next year, I dont care :)

The boys had conferences last week. All are amazing. But I knew that anyway...I am a proud mom for sure. Logan is struggling, but he is doing the best he can, and the teachers notice that. Steven has some missing assignments, but is still passing all his classes with flying colors. Dominic is getting all A's, and has absolutely no missing work. Michael is doing well, he is on a pass/fail grading scale, and he is passing everything. I am such a proud mom, and they are amazing boys. i couldnt, and wouldnt ask for more. They are a bright light in this world.

They are talking about opening up the hiring freeze where Nick works. Its about time, he has been at that place for over a year, and deserves to be hired in. I got almost full time hours this week. Its kicking my butt, but I am so grateful for it at this time. Things are so tight for us right now, and I was stressing pretty bad about it for a while, but I have decided to stop stressing because it doesnt help anything at all. I am a little worried about Christmas this year. But that too will work itself out.

I went through a bout of depression for a few weeks, but I feel like I am back on track now. Still a little iffy from it, but its looking up. Stupid i get back on thyroid meds it will hopefully be better. Just need insurance for that.

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