Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Less than 2 weeks

Yep, less than 2 weeks until Christmas. I'm pretty sure the boys are most excited about Christmas break at this point. Those 2 weeks of break are like summer vacation to them..lol

We have a decent start on our shopping, but we have a ton more to do. We only have 2 things for Michael so far. I am not use to buying for a teenager. The other boys are pretty easy, they still like toys..

We have Nicks family party this weekend. Its a long drive, I hope the weather holds out for us. I hate driving long distances in bad weather.

So, last year D and I agreed to do every other weekend, and every other Thanksgiving with the boys, so that they wouldn't be ripped from place to place on Christmas day, when they should be enjoying and relaxing with their new stuff that day. I think it is only fair to them. So last year I had them for Thanksgiving, and he had them for Christmas. He just had them for Thanksgiving, and it is my year for Christmas. Well now that it is my turn, he has apparently decided that it isn't fair that he wont get them at all on Christmas day. After cussing me out over text messaging 2 weeks ago, he hasn't contacted me since. I don't understand why it is he thinks that he is so much more important then everyone else, and what he says is law. We don't have a set visitation schedule in our divorce papers, so I guess I will write up some papers, and head to court. That way its all legal, on paper, and there will be no more reason for him to contact me in that way. I'm tired of his crap. I didn't see them at all last Christmas, and now he thinks it isn't fair because its his turn. He has always been welcome in our home, so he can see them that day. I wont deny him some time with them, but its my Christmas with them this year, and that's the way it will stay. He is welcome to stop in to see them. But his way of thinking is I am trying to screw him over, when really all I am trying to do is what is best for the boys. I am tired of him, in every way you can possibly imagine.

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