Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Mash Up of Everything

I keep thinking about this blog, and it feels a little like a neglected child! I am so sorry for only posting every few months. I always think about getting on here, and doing a post, and then time slips away from me, and a new day begins.

Life is pretty good right now.  As always, financially it could be better, but in the family way, its good :)  I miss my blogging, and I have been a bad blogger, and not kept up with the blogs I follow.  I miss reading them.  Hopefully soon I can catch up with all that.

The boys are doing fantastic.  We have made a huge decision regarding their schooling.  We have decided to take them from the Charter school that they go to, and put them in the public schools in our neighborhood.  I know, some of you will say "what are you thinking", but there is a reason behind the madness I swear.  Most people go from public, to charter, or private.  We have decided the opposite change is important. They are staying in the Charter school until the end of the school year, but after that its time to switch.   Now for the reason.  When we first moved to this area the boys were so far behind they wanted to take them all back a grade.  I talked them out of it, and enrolled them in Paramount, and that school has been such a blessing to us.  Smaller class sizes, so they can get the extra help they need.  Very strict in the rules, and dress code department.  At the time of putting them there, it is what they needed.  They have been there for 3 years now.   We live 15 minutes away, more if your in traffic. Our finances just wont allow us to make this trip any longer.  Twice a day, and then idling while we are waiting in the car pool line.  So finances is one reason, but the biggest one for me is what they are missing out on socially.  Being that I was a social butterfly, and had tons of friends in school, it pains me to see that my children don't   They have absolutely no friends in our neighborhood.  I want them to go to school with kids in our area so that they have that social experience.  None of their friends at school live near us, NONE.  I think it is so important to have friends other than their brothers.  They have really healthy, amazing relationships with each other, and I am so happy for that, but nothing outside the family.  We cant take them to after school functions, because of the cost of gas.  In going to public schools, they will be riding the bus.  It will save so much wear and tear on vehicles, and that is great because we cant afford to replace them when they die on us. I am not explaining this the way I have it in my head.  We have already talked to the boys, and after a very long discussion explaining our reasons, they are all for it.  Nervous, but excited.

Speaking of cars.  We have been down to 1 since March of last year.  Almost a year with a car that seats 5, when we have a family of 6.  It has been a difficult situation.  My work has been very accommodating with it.  They often let me take the Rapid Refill car home if I am closing and opening the next day.  They have been amazing.  This 1 car this has been a pain in the ass.  Especially last month just before Christmas when our car broke down.  We were left with nothing.  Thank goodness for the Angels I call mother and father in law :)  The repairs were expensive, and we didn't have they money.  I don't like owing people, but not having a car was out of the question for a family our size.  They fronted the money to help us out.  Like I said, not a fan of owing people, but they came to the rescue.  I only hope I can get them paid off fast.  We are hoping as soon as our taxes come back to get something.  A 2nd car would be so helpful in our work/school situation.

Work is going well.  I am still working 2 nights a week, and was hoping by now to be down to just days, but it has not happened yet.  I am hopeful that it will.  Perfectly Posh is going well for me.  I am not rocking it the way I would like, but its getting there.  I had my first party in November, and did over $500 in sales, I was so excited for that!.  I have done 3 events with it so far, this last one bringing me a sale. Scentsy is not moving for me, but I have faith that it will.

I haven't made any jewelry in a long time.  I really would like to get back into doing that.  People like what I make, and I get a little money for doing it.

Nick put a bid in for a higher paying job at Stryker.  He interviewed for is yesterday.  He is really hoping to get it.  It will help so much.  Working in a factory is not his dream job, but he seems to be handling it alot better than he was before.

I think the hardest part for me right now is the fact that we are working out tails off, and just barely treading water. I dont want that for us.  I want us to be a little more comfortable financially.  Switching the boys school will save us about 20 a week, so that will help.

My mom is living in an apartment close by.  She seems to like it for the most part, but really wants to be in Arizona.  I dont really know what is holding her back, but I do know she is not happy here.  So I see a move in her future.

Christmas was good.  They boys were with their dad this year, so it didnt really feel like Christmas at all.  I wasnt too excited about it.  I missed my gma, and that was hard for me.  But we got through it.