Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My insecurities

I don't know at what point in my life I started to be such an insecure person.  You can bet, if it is annoying to me, it is definitely annoying to my husband, and anyone else around me.  I actually feel bad for him because of it.

I am actually thinking about making a doctors appointment to talk to them about my mood swings and anxiety.  Its freaking me out a bit.  Bipolar and depression run in my family, and I am so afraid it might be something like that.

I can go from zero to bitch in the blink of an eye.  I can feel it coming on, and removing myself from the situation doesn't make it any better.  I need help.  Any suggestions?  Anything natural you can think of that might help me?


Manda said...

I'm just returning to blogging myself! I read this and I thought to ask a question: Do you do anything for yourself? Or is your whole life your family? I know many women get caught up in focusing on that and end up without anything for themselves. That can lead to insecurity...

maybe I'm way off.

Pia Tasha Bonde said...

Hi T ;-)
I just want to leave a comment to Your blog..about your mood - have you thought about that food can actually affect your mood? I have to be aware that if I eat to much bread and not remember my vegatables - I get cranky and have no patience, and end with a very bad headache..
Hugs and greatings from Denmark - Pia

Carol Graham said...

I can relate and hear you loud and clear. There is nutritional help. I overcame cancer along with a lot of other problems. My unforgettable true story is Battered Hope by Carol Graham, if you have time, check it out on Amazon.