Friday, November 15, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

I have missed writing in this blog, and I hope that I didnt lose everyone by not writing.  Life has just been so crazy lately.  So many things have changed.  Life is moving in the right direction, and I am so excited about all the changes.  Well, most of them anyway.

First, I got a new job.  I had mixed feelings about for a while.  I had been with Rapid Refill for 4 years, and I loved my job.  I enjoyed working for the owners, and it was so very hard to tell them I was leaving.  They cut my hours down to 24, and I just couldnt live on that.  I told them I would have to find a 2nd job, and I did try for a few months, but everyone wanted me to have open availability.  Then this full time job popped up, and it was such a blessing.  I work in an office, for a company that makes lighting for RV's and trailers.  I LOVE IT.  There is a lot for me to learn, as I have never worked in this industry before.  It is an amazing job, and my coworkers are so helpful.  It has always been a hope that I would eventually work in an office environment, and here I am!  It is full time, so that is why I had to leave Rapid Refill.  I do miss it, I miss seeing my regular customers, and I miss the fact that I knew my job, and the product so well.  The full time paycheck has been such  a blessing, and we are getting caught up on things.

The boys are doing amazing.  Michael started highschool, and it was a bit of a frustration at first because he just couldnt figure out the locker.  The combination lock was giving him trouble, but Nick took him in one day and helped him get it figured out.  He has made the transition so well, and I am totally impressed with it.  The 3 younger kids switched to public schools as well.  They are doing so well, it has me questioning the private schools..At any rate, they are all doing fantastic!  All are making friends in the neighborhood, with the exception of Logan. He is not really making friends, and we arent sure why.

Nick is still at the same job.  He has applied to different positions inside the company, all of which he has been overqualified for so far.  He does a job shadowing on Monday, and he is hoping this is the one for him.  I think he is tired, and bored of the paint line and I cant blame him for that one.  He wants to stay with the company, just find a different position.

Now get ready for this one!  I STARTED COLLEGE!  Yep, I finally did it.  I am in my 2nd class now.  I am so excited, and nervous about it all.  Its hard to find the time to do the work, and I didnt expect to be changing jobs as soon as I enrolled for classes.  I am doing it online, and it is a lot of work.  It keeps me very busy.  It is hard, but it will pay off in the end.  I am going in for accounting.  Its a four year degree.  A huge commitment for sure.

My mom had a slip and fall accident in June.  They did surgery on her neck 6 weeks ago because of it.  She has been off work for a while, cant drive, and because of the neck brace, she has to have someone there after to change the pads on the brace.  So, I have been taking care of her as well. 

Life has been so busy for me it feels like i barely have time to breath.