Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh my classes

I thought that I would be able to take one class at a time and still qualify for financial aid, but I was wrong.  I have to take 2 of them at a time to qualify for anything, and I can not afford to get loans for everything.  So two classes it is.

I am taking introduction to meteorology, to fullful a science credit, and introduction to Algebra.  Yes, INTRODUCTION to Algebra.  The simple fact is, I completely suck at Algebra.  It is a concept my mind can not grasp.  I try so hard, and it is just so difficult for me.  I will get it though, I have to pass this class so I can take Algebra.  I cant start taking my Accounting classes without it.  So here I am, taking my worst class  I was bad at it in high school too.  It is the cause of much anxiety for me.  No matter how much it is explained, I just cant get it.
I love my meteorology class so far.  It is hard for me to remember the facts, but I think I will do ok.  A lot of reading is involved in this one.  So I will be very busy the next 8 weeks.

I have deactivated my facebook page for a bit.  It was just getting to be too overwhelming for me.  Too much drama, that does not involve me at all.  Maybe I am just growing tired of it.  I will go back to it, maybe in a few days, weeks, or months.  It is hard to say when it will pull me back in again.  I was just taking up too much of my time, so I decided to cut it out for a while. 

Things are going ok.  I still love my new job.  It is exhausting, but worth it.  I am learning so much, and it makes me feel good to bring in a full paycheck again.  I feel like I am really making a difference in my family. 

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Ramiah said...

I love algebra! I can help!